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I use a deep relaxation technique with many of my clients to help them find a way of switching off. My approach uses visualisation techniques based on a client's own experiences and this means the exercise can be accessed at any time (both in and outside of the counselling room).


This technique can also be extended to help those with phobias or past traumas - it allows access to the emotional areas of our brains so that together we can calm traumatic thought patterns or even flashbacks so they are no longer an anxiety inducing part of our lives.




My work also helps clients to practice a more mindful approach to their lives.


It encourages the concept of living in the moment and learning to appreciate all that life has to offer us now. Many of us can fall into a pattern of dwelling on past events or being anxious about what might happen in the future. Mindfulness supports us to use our energy to make more meaning of what is happening now.


Whilst it can take time to learn to live more in the moment, there are many useful tools that can make this process easier and the counselling space is ideal for finding what will work best for you.

"Tension is who you think you should be...relaxation is who you are." (Chinese proverb)



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